Prices in Norway

If you charge with app or RFID you will find the price for charging with your chosen service provider in your service providers app or webpages. If you charge drop in via web or SMS, the prices can be found below.

Standard prices on drop in charging:
Fastchargers that can give more than 62,5 kW: Combination price: 4 NOK per minute and 2,50 NOK per kWh
Fastchargers that can give up to 50 kW: Minute price: 4 NOK per minute.
Type 2 AC chargers that can give up to 22 Kw: Minute price: 2 NOK per minute

Please note that there are exceptions to the standard prices, and that you need to check what price is applicable for the charging outlet you intend to charge at in the table below to get exact prices. By entering the charger number in the search field you can find the price applicable for the specific charger you are at. You find the charger number on the charger, next to the cable/outlet.

When charging with our drop in solution on web, we will reserve 500,00 NOK on your card. When you finish charging we release the reservation.

When you charge with Recharge, you accept our terms.