Contact customer service

You can use our chargers through multiple service providers. If you need help to charge using their services, for example help to register or order an RFID charging key, how to start charging with a service provider app, or you have questions related to payments from any of our service providers, you must contact them directly.

For help to start charging or for questions related to payments for app and RFID charging key please contact your service providers here.

If you are charging via text message or drop in QR code, or you have discovered a technical error on a charger, please contact us. Our customer service is always available, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Recharge Telephone

Norway: +47 69 14 14 10
Sweden: +46 020-46 00 20
Finland: +358 20 33 4455 (0,084 euro/min)