Fortum has now split the Charge & Drive business into two parts.

RECHARGE will build, own and operate chargers, and Fortum will under the brands Fortum Charge & Drive and Plugsurfing continue to deliver charging services to EV customers.

​Recharge is the largest CPO (Charge Point Operator) in the Nordics, owning close to 1,300 public charging points and operating an additional 1,400 charging points in Norway, Finland, and Sweden.

At our charging stations you can choose the service provider that best fit your needs. You can use several different service providers to charge in our network – see Charging with RECHARGE for more information. ​Existing Fortum Charge & Drive customers can continue to charge as before using the app and charging key/RFID tag services provided from Fortum.

​You are always welcome to use our ad hoc charging services, without registering as a customer with any service provider. Currently you can charge with SMS. Soon you will find more information on our chargers!