FAQ for EV owners

You can see all of our charging stations in our map. You can also find our chargers in our partner service providers maps. You can also find most of our charging stations on google, and most often also in other open charging stations apps like Elbilforeningens app, Plugshare, A better routeplanner etc. Be aware that not all service providers have access to all charging stations, so to get a full picture of all our station you should use our map.

We don’t have our own app, but we have opened up our network so that you can use multiple apps through our partner service providers when charging at our chargers. In this list you will find all available service providers and links to where to find more information. The list of suppliers is growing, and we aim for you to be able to choose your favorite supplier for charging services in our network.

To be able to charge with RFID tag on our chargers you need to register as a customer with one of our partner service providers and order or register you RFID tag with them. We ourself only provide Drop-in charging to customers without registration, but we have opened up our network so that you can use multiple apps and RFID tags on our chargers. We are expanding our partner service provider list all the time, and you can see the currently active ones here. Please note that when you charge through a service provider they control the price and terms, and you have to agree to their terms.

There are multiple ways you can activate charging at our charging stations. You can use RFID tag or app from one of our partner service providers, or you can charge drop inn with SMS or drop-in online payment.

Charging with a RFID tag or with an app happens through one of our service partners. We have an open network where you as a customer can decide what service provider you want to use. You can see the current list of available service providers here. If you want to use RFID tags or apps to charge you need to register as a customer with one of these providers. You need to check you providers app or webpages for updated prices for charging.

Se more information about how to charge here.

You do not need to order a new charging key. If you have a charging key from Fortum Charge & Drive or any of our partner service providers you may continue to use it.

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