How to charge with RECHARGE

There are several ways to initiate charging at our charging stations. Through partnerships with several service providers we let you access our chargers through apps like the Fortum Charge & Drive app, the Easypark app, or the Shell Recharge app from Newmotion (please note that Shell Recharge is a seperate enitity not to be confused with us). You can also charge with RFID tags registered with the service providers above that provide this.

You can also choose to charge without having to register as a customer anywhere. This means that you don’t have to download an app or register anywhere before you visit our chargers, you can show up and charge with your phone through our SMS solution or through a online credit card payment form.

You can read more about drop in charging without registration here.

How to charge with a service provider
A service provider enables you to connect to our network via an app or RFID tag. Currently you can use Fortum, Plugsurfing or NewMotion/Shell Recharge. You can also use EasyPark on selected charging stations. To be able to charge through app or rfid tag you need to register as a customer with a service provider. You can find information about the different service providers here.

When you have registered as a customer in one of these apps you can use our chargers. You will find charging instructions on all chargers.

To charge with app you find charging number next to cable/outlet of charger, and then you locate this charger in the app, and then you follow instructions in the app and on the screen of the charger to start/stop charging.

For charging with RFID tag/card you plug in, hold RFID tag/card over the card reader, and follow instructions on screen to start and stop charging.

NB! If you have a tag with Elbilforeningen or NAF in Norway you need to register these in the Fortum Charge & Drive app, as these organizations have an agreement with Fortum.

See where you can charge using which services here.